The weird chinese guy in Mike's room (longduckdong) wrote,
The weird chinese guy in Mike's room


that's it, tonight I'm taking half of of one of my nausea pills that make me super drowsy and I'm going to sleep/be lazy all day tomorrow. So annoyed lately by everything he says and does. I don't want to kiss him, i don't even want him to touch me. I don't even want to sleep in the same room as him. There is zero attraction there right now. Now i realize that everything he says to me is a command, a complaint about something i do, or he's just whining about something. Hopefully a transfer works out and I can move soon. I'm not heartless, I'm just looking out for my own happiness, because I'm the only one who's going to. I should only have to answer to myself and not constantly live my life based on another person's schedule, only doing what they want to do, when they want to do it. I'm over it. I should be with somebody who brings out the best in me, not makes me feel like I'm living half a life and makes me feel guilty when I'm doing anything fun. Please stop sucking the life out of me.
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